By Jan Jantzen, SMILE pilot coordinator of Samsø

In Samsø the site acceptance test has just finished successfully. The battery is located at the harbour masters building and is discharged and charged to see if it performed correctly using its specifications.

The battery is 240kWh nominally and it’s supplied by renewable energy from PV panels installed throughout the harbour. The service building at the harbour operates in default mode at the moment which means that whenever there is excess energy from the PV panels the battery will charge. Excess energy means that the production from the PV panels is larger than the consumption from the boats and the sauna’s and all the other loads on the system. So, we produce more electricity than we need and the excess amount is stored in the battery and also the other way around if we have extra energy in the battery the loads can take energy from the battery, even if the sun is not shining.

We have the waste water pomp and four heat pump. They are connected to the electrical system and in the future there is the wish to control them, remotely also. But this will not happen until maybe half a year from now. They have to be connected to the general control system. And then we can switch the loads on when we need in a clever way in order to save some renewable energy and also to let’s say utilize most renewable energy possible and also save some money. Because the harbour would still buy electricity from the public grid. The PV panels are not large enough to supply electricity all year around. So the marina will have to buy electricity from the outside. But these prices vary, night and day, every hour. So, maybe we can start these components at very clever times. So we are able to buy electricity when it’s cheap.

In the video Jan Jantzen explains which smart grid technologies will be demonstrated in the Ballen Marina. Jan uses a map of the harbour and Lego blocks to show what the situation looks like in the Ballen Marina. Jan also explains how the smart grid system works in the port and what they hope to achieve in the future.